Doctor of the Catholic Church – St. John of the Cross

A devout Roman Catholic, Bradley DiTeresi devotes an hour every Saturday to participate in the Perpetual Adoration at his parish. Bradley DiTeresi appreciates the wisdom of Doctors of the Church such as St. John of the Cross, who lived in the 16th century as an avowed member of the primitive Rule of the Carmelites.

In 1567, John of the Cross entered the Carmelite order as a priest at the age of 25. With St. Teresa of Jesus, the first Carmelite nun who became the first woman Doctor of the Catholic Church, John of the Cross dedicated his activities to reform. In an ecclesial atmosphere of opposition and persecution, he paid the high price of a visionary and a mystic.

Imprisoned for his activities, St. John of the Cross attained spiritual union, an experience about which he wrote in the Spiritual Canticle and in the Ascent to Mt. Carmel. He wrote as a theologian, a psychologist, and a mystic. His written works include his beliefs about the price of serving as a disciple of Christ and about the journey to union with God.

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