How Your Unbound Donation Helps

Bradley DiTeresi is a partner with Casas Hof Constructora e Inmobiliaria in Peru. In addition to his work with the real estate development company, Bradley DiTeresi sponsors a child in Kenya and a child in the Philippines through Unbound.

Formerly the CFCA, Unbound accepts monthly donations of $30 to support in-need children all over the world, ranging from Central American countries like Costa Rica and El Salvador to African nations such as Uganda and Tanzania. Monthly donations go to supporting children in four primary areas. Each child is provided with essentials that include food, clothing, specialized or general health care, and any necessary repairs to their home. Donations also support a child’s education, accounting for tuition and supplies as well as school uniforms. In addition, children enjoy special recreational activities thanks to the monthly financial support, such as birthday parties or Christmas celebrations. Finally, contributions go to programs that benefit a child’s parents. These programs teach literacy and other livelihood skills that can help the entire family’s station in life to move forward.

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