Lupus, the Unknown and Dangerous Disease

Lupus pic


Financial analyst Bradley DiTeresi works for a capital management firm in Kansas. He is also a supporter of a number of nonprofit agencies, including the Lupus Foundation of America.

The Lupus Foundation is a national organization dedicated to research on the mysterious disease lupus, which currently has no cure, though treatments are available to alleviate symptoms. The disease primarily targets the immune system, which leaves the diagnosed individual more susceptible to a multitude of health problems. As a result, lupus is often misdiagnosed and can go untreated for too long a time.

The Foundation offers volunteers and concerned individuals a multitude of options to raise money for research and patient care. These include donating directly, participating in walks, planning events, and spreading awareness through social media and advocacy. However, the organization also has options for volunteers who wish to contribute more directly in research by being a participant in a clinical study. These studies, on a variety of topics, include individuals from every walk of life, and allow researchers to understand the disease and ways to combat it. To learn more, visit

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