Unbound, Serving Families in Need


Unbound pic

Image: Unbound.org

Bradley DiTeresi is currently working as a partner with Casas Hof Constructora e Inmobiliaria, a real estate development company constructing condos in Peru. With a history of charitable giving focusing on children and families in need, Bradley DiTeresi is a proud supporter of Unbound, a Catholic nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families in need worldwide.

Unbound seeks to make families self-sufficient and improve relationships between parents and children, as well as those between volunteers and those being served. Begun in 1981 by former missionaries touched by the poverty they witnessed in Latin America, the organization has helped over 800,000 children in its span. Today, it has over 250,000 sponsors.

Those interested in becoming a sponsor are not simply giving a cash donation, but are able to interact with those being helped. Monthly contributions give access to resources for nutrition, health care, education, and can even be used to help families begin small businesses. It’s also possible to send letters to the sponsored family, and truly be a key part to changing someone’s life for the better.

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