Pope Francis Discusses Holiness in Encyclical “Rejoice and Be Glad”


Pope Francis pic

Pope Francis
Image: biography.com

Bradley DiTeresi is a University of Missouri-Kansas City business school graduate who maintains a entrepreneurial career that extends to real estate development in Peru. A practicing Catholic, Bradley DiTeresi supports charities such as Unbound and enjoys reading the works of religious thought leaders in his free time, from St. Augustine to Pope Francis.

In April, 2018, Pope Francis released Gaudete et exsultate, Rejoice and Be Glad, an exhortation that touched on the concept of universal holiness. With holiness often equated with an exalted and difficult-to-attain state, Pope Francis counsels that it is actually not impossible or esoteric. Rather, holiness has a broad appeal and call, and encourages those who listen to give up narrow beliefs such as sectarianism, dogmatism, and individualism.

With an emphasis on “everyday holiness,” the encyclical spans five chapters that take on topics such as holiness and the beatitudes, gnosticism, and signs of holiness. The final chapter brings focus to the concept of spiritual warfare and includes a mention of the devil. This chapter stresses that the devil is both real and requires careful guarding against. It serves to clarify Pope Francis’ views on the devil in the wake of an unfounded attribution that the Pope believed that the devil was false and not real.

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