The Importance of Writing Letters to Your Sponsored Child


Unbound pic


A partner with Casas Hof Constructora e Inmobiliaria, which builds condos in Peru, Bradley DiTeresi has decades of experience as a financial analyst. Throughout his career, Bradley DiTeresi has sponsored children through the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging, now known as Unbound.

A global nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting the underprivileged through relationships, Unbound provides sponsorship to children around the world. Sponsors give $36 each month to supply basic needs such as food and healthcare, as well as to fund small farms and businesses to help families become self-supporting.

Unbound encourages its sponsors to write letters regularly to their sponsored children. Many of these children greatly cherish the letters and pictures they receive from their sponsors, and they will write at least two letters each year in return.

When you decide to sponsor a child, you choose to do more than merely give money. You begin a relationship of encouragement. By writing letters you can share your heart with your sponsored child and begin a conversation that will allow you both to learn about different cultures and perspectives, while also showing the child your belief in his or her future.

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