Catherine of Siena – A Life of Devotion

Bradley DiTeresi is a financial professional with an MBA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. A practicing Catholic, Bradley DiTeresi enjoys reading the writings of Saint Catherine of Siena and St. Augustine.

Though she lived a short life, Saint Catherine of Siena left behind an impressive and inspiring legacy. She was the 23rd child of Jacopo and Lapa Benincasa, and entered the Dominican Third Order at 18. She then spent 3 years in prayer, seclusion, and austerity, ultimately attracting a group of followers. She wrote many letters, mostly providing spiritual instruction and encouragement to her followers. Her public influence ultimately grew, even securing the admiration of the pope. She worked for the crusade against the Turks and to encourage peace between Florence and the pope.

After the Great Schism of 1378, which split the allegiance of Christendom between three popes and set saints against each other, Catherine spent the last 2 years of her life in Rome. There she prayed and pled on behalf of Pope Urban VI, and advocated for the unity of the church. She offered herself as a victim for the church, and died surrounded by her followers. She was canonized in 1461, and her writings continue to prove influential.

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