Two Benefits of Clicker Training for Dogs

Bradley DiTeresi draws on an MBA in finance from the University of Missouri-Kansas City to serve as a financial professional. In his personal life, Bradley DiTeresi owns two dogs and enjoys training them.

While there are numerous ways to train dogs, one proven method is clicker training. Clicker training utilizes a clicking noise to reinforce good behavior in your dog. If you are contemplating how to train your dog, here are two benefits of clicker training.

1. Dogs have short attention spans, so in order to associate a reward with good behavior, the reward has to be nearly immediate. While treats can be used in conjunction with a clicker early in the training process, the problem with using them alone is that, by the time you get the treat to dogs, they may have forgotten why they are getting rewarded. A clicker, however, can provide near-instant feedback.

2. Dogs often understand what you do or do not want through your tone just as much as your words; however, our voices are not consistent. A clicker sounds the same every time you use it, making it easier for your dog to associate that one sound with good behavior.

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