Is It OK to Run Everyday?

An MBA graduate from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Bradley DiTeresi is an experienced real estate developer. He serves as a partner at Casas Hof Constructora e Inmobiliaria, a property development company that builds luxury condominiums in Peru. Outside of work, Bradley DiTeresi is an avid runner.

If you’re new to running, you might be wondering how often you should run to fully experience its mental and physical benefits. According to certified running coaches, as a beginner you should limit your running to 30 to 45 minutes three to five times a week. As you become a more experienced runner, you can extend your running time to 45+ minutes but you should try to keep it to no more than five running days a week so you can avoid running-related injuries such as knee pain, muscle tears, and shin splints.

Running coaches also advise against running for five consecutive days. Instead, they recommend that you give your body at least a day to rest and repair muscles and tissues after two to three days of running. If you feel you must exercise every day to achieve your fitness goal, try other forms of exercise such as cycling, weight training, and swimming on days you plan to take a break from running.

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